Un tour la nuit in Montreal

Friday 01 Jun 2012

Less popular in Europe than the Five Boro Bike Challenge in New York, “Un tour la Nuit” event organized in Montreal is nevertheless worth the interest of every cycling enthusiast.

Would you like to know more about this unique and unforgettable event and the highlights that club members recalled after their participation? Here’s a look back at a memorable event…
Looking forward to participating again in a future season!

What is the “Un tour la nuit” event all about?

If we had to name only one event dedicated to cycling on Canadian soil, it would obviously be “Un tour la Nuit”. Via a route surveying many streets of Montreal and its suburbs, this gathering is, as its name suggests, organized in the late evening.

The objective? To propose the best slideshows of this famous city from sumptuous conditions. Indeed, if the departure of the event “Un Tour la Nuit” is whistled during summer periods (gathering organized at the end of August each year), the time slot defined between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm to join a peloton is enough to be plunged in a quasi darkness.

Like New York’s Five Boro Bike Tour, “Un tour la Nuit” involves a total standstill of traffic for a set period of time, from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm. In other words, participants can enjoy a semi-nightly ride without worrying about motorized vehicles. Of course, certain safety rules are required to avoid potential problems (including collisions between cyclists).

What is the ride associated with this event?

“Un tour la Nuit” proposes a 22 kilometer route spread out via 4 boroughs of Montreal. In order to avoid certain problems between participants, no “unique” starting point is imposed; cyclists can thus choose among 8 access points. A refreshment area and sanitary facilities are set up in 2 city parks. In other words, everything is perfectly designed for safe cycling.
If you are a regular cyclist looking for performance, you might think that 22 kilometers…

That’s not much. In fact, some of our members expressed the same sentiment before boarding a flight to Montreal. However, if “Un Tour la Nuit” arouses the interest of many future cyclists each year, this event is above all based on a spirit of conviviality.

Our members were surprised by the majority of participants. The watchword: have fun. Moreover, it is not rare to come across a cyclist at the controls of bikes with a zany and improbable design. In short, “Un Tour la Nuit” is also an event where laughter is sprinkled over every kilometer.

Switzerland proudly represented by our club

Unlike other world-renowned events, no cyclist can participate in “Un Tour la Nuit” without following a prior registration. This naturally allows us to perfect the organization and guarantee an optimal experience for each participant.

Thanks to its experience with numerous outings outside of Switzerland, our club has allowed its members to experience this event while limiting the administrative steps.

What was the outcome of our first participation? Everything went perfectly, and this, in spite of some apprehensions of certain members. We came back with unforgettable memories. Moreover, visiting Montreal by bike in the evening/night during the “Un tour une Nuit” gathering is a real opportunity to discover the magnificent urban slideshows of Montreal.

Canada is a wonderful country, there is no doubt about it for our club and its members!