Cyclo&Loisirs goes around Ecuador

Thursday 30 Oct 2014

Ecuador is among the most outstanding destinations chosen by the club to discover sumptuous landscapes while sharing the love of cycling. After a fortnight, our members were unanimous: Ecuador is a country of unimaginable visual richness. Back on the highlights of this trip… Waiting for a new edition!

The tour of Ecuador in 2 weeks, unforgettable moments

1st day : arrival in Quito

After more than 10 hours of flight, we arrived in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. From the very first moments, the beauty of the scenery captivated us. To be able to ride a bike and go through such landscapes? The emotion was there… And even more than we could imagine. After a well-deserved day of rest to recover our spirits and overcome our jetlag, we are ready to go on an adventure!

2nd day: first discoveries near the capital

Naturally, this second day was ideal to admire a maximum of panoramas in Quito, one of the Unesco world heritage sites. After a brief detour to Ciclopaseo and other unmissable areas of the capital, a trip to Pululahua, a magnificent volcano located not far from Quito, was a must. To finish the day, we went to the Ciudad Mitad del Mundo (about 13 kilometers from the capital).

3rd day: welcome to Otavalo

Direction Otavalo for this 3rd day, then Laguna Cuicocha and Lago San Pablo. Imagine for a moment the magnificence of a lake of mountains situated in 2 600 meters of altitude… As much to say you, this spectacle marked each member of the club. However, the energy necessary to reach this place is a price to pay… But the game was really worth it!

Day 4: the expeditions intensify

This time, the 4th day was dedicated to the discovery of more “traditional” landscapes via the capital of the eponymous canton: Olmedo. The culture of Ecuador has never seemed so exciting as magnificent. Finally, in the second part of the day, we headed to Oton near Venado Park. The beauty of Ecuador never ceases to amaze us.

5th and 6th day : Papallacta and rest of the warrior

This time, direction Pifo and Papallacta to discover other landscapes. If these destinations also marked our members, the tiredness intruded little by little. The 7th day was thus synonymous with a well deserved rest.

8th day: Misahualli, here we are

Often ignored by tourists, Puerto Misahualli was a great success with our members. Through the mountains and the port of the city, we left by taking the roads of Santa Clara to finish the day in Puyo. The kilometers by bike follow one another, and this, in spite of the questionable quality of some roads.

9th and 10th day : the beauty of Baños

We have reached the ¾ of our trip: Baños. A sublime city located at 1 820 of altitude. To fully enjoy this place, we offered ourselves a new day of rest. The indescribable panoramas follow one another.

11th day : Chimborazo and its vertiginous rise

After a deserved rest, it was time for adventure with an ascent of 5,000 meters in altitude to reach Chimborazo, one of the most beautiful volcanoes of Ecuador. As always, our eyes savor inexplicable moments.

12th and 13th day: mountain bike on ash track, then escapade in Luna Runtun

Our members discover the mountain bike on an ash track on one of the most beautiful volcanoes in the world… What magical moments! The hours go by and despite the tiredness, the efforts follow one another to savor every moment before a stop at Luna Runtun, Patate and Pillaro.

14th day : horseback riding

Last day before returning to Switzerland. Our members experience horseback riding on the Quilotoa volcano. We then went on to other escapades to Lago Quilotoa, Zumbahua and Pujili. Ecuador never ceases to amaze us with its magnificent panoramas.

Day 15: All good things must come to an end

That’s it, it’s over… Climate, landscape, culture, food… So many memories in only 15 days, Ecuador is indeed an unmissable destination to go on an adventure by bike!

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