The Club

Founded in 2008, the Club Cyclo Loisirs organizes non-competitive bike rides open to all levels, members and non-members.

The club offers, in particular bike rides and certificates around the Geneva countryside with many advantages: the discovery of the region’s heritage, fauna and terroir. A smart combination of sport and pleasure.

The volunteers

Marina Rubiera
Marlène Barrionuevo
Christoph Riesen
Denis Christinet
Francis Magnin
Romano Bortoluzzi
Christian Barbier
Pierre Lyonnaz Perroux
Pascal Flukiger


In order to offer numerous well-organised activities and to develop new ones, we are looking for additional volonteers .People interested in helping us to organize our events, on one-time or recurring basis, according to your availability and interests.

The tasks are many and varied: preparation and recognition of the trails, markup / clearance of the brevet trails, checkpoints, helpat start and arrival of brevets, logistics on trips, promotion of our activities, maintenance of the website, etc.

If you have innovative ideas and wish to share them with all our members, do not hesitate to propose them to us. So,if you want to devote some of your time to other cyclists and share our cycling passion, do not hesitate to contact us.

We need you, more volunteers = more activities.

We hope to see you soon.

Some of our members are also volunteers during our activities.

The Commitee

Pascal Vuilleumier

Commitee member

John Lingg

Committee member