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The activities of the Club take place thanks to the generosity of our sponsors. In return, we highlight their participation in all our communications. The sponsorship cambe is adapted to the possibilities of each sponsor. He cam finance a brevet or an advertising space in our newsletter.

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It is thanks to the generosity and commitment of our sponsors, as well as volunteers, that the activities of Club Cyclo and Loisirs can take place. Become a sponsor and we will ensure visibility in all our communication media: our website, our newsletter and in social networks

In this document, you will find our prices for your advertisements in the Club Cyclo & Loisirs newsletter. This newsletter is sent electronically and / or by post to all of our members, participants and friends. We also distribute it during our patents and at events. It is also downloadable in PDF format from our website.

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The dimensions indicated are indicative and we can consider other formats if necessary. The prices mentioned are in Swiss francs, not subject to VAT and per edition. To ensure proper publication of your ad, please provide us with an electronic document (PDF, JPEG) or a good quality original.


We warmly thank you for your invaluable support which allows our club to always offer various and varied activities for all and to remain dynamic.

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