Our training sessions

We organise one to three training sessions per month. Our training sessions are open to all, members and non-members, including e-bikes. We meet in different points around the city and get in groups to ride for some kilometers, depending on the season and the weather. The leader brings a map of the planned ride and manages to adopt a convenient pace for all the riders.

Starting points

We choose the meeting points all around the canton, in order to avoid to go through too populated areas. The meeting points are mostly accesible on bycicle and for those comming by car, parking places will be available nearby (but the rest can be done on bike)

Spring Ride

With spiring we want to be outside and profit from the sun.

Sport Day

Following the ” Salon du Vélo” weorganise a ride to unite all cyclists of the Geneva region

Ride +Meal

We finish the first part of season

Sortie 40-50

Ride the canton de Vaud