Highlights of the club: focus on the Five Boro Bike in New York

Friday 04 Apr 2014

The passion for cycling knows no boundaries. Among the most important events in the cycling world, the Bike New York brings together an impressive number of riders. Known locally as the TD Five Boro Bike Tour, this event naturally merited its place among the club’s outings outside Switzerland.

Of course, participating in Bike New York requires a more “specialized” organization, but the memories kept by our members are justified… And we look forward to renewing this experience!

What is Bike New York?

Bike New York is considered on the American continent as THE must-attend event for bike enthusiasts. Historically, the first Five Boro Challenge was organized on June 12, 1977 with 250 participants for a ride of 80 miles (about 125 kilometers). Initially, the objective was to promote “good road riding” in a school context. However, the media coverage and success of the Five Boro Challenge surpassed the expectations of the city’s mayor. Since then, editions have followed one another to the delight of cycling enthusiasts.

How to explain the popularity of this event?

The principle is simple: during the entire duration of the Five Boro Bike Tour, no motorized vehicles are tolerated on the majority of the streets of New York. These exceptional conditions are real opportunities to discover dizzying and memorable slideshows from a 100% American urban atmosphere. Walk along Central Park, see the colossal Empire State Building, catch a glimpse of the historic Statue of Liberty… The Big Apple’s dazzling sights are endless and the absence of traffic reinforces the participants’ memories.

The Five Boro Challenge is one of the most popular cycling events in the world. In fact, while the majority of participants are American, other groups are made up of South American, European and Asian cyclists. In other words, the Five Boro Challenge is a real melting pot where the language barrier disappears as soon as the first pedal strokes are made.

Imagine for a moment thousands of enthusiasts animated by sharing, surpassing oneself and the love of cycling… The Five Boro Challenge has marked us from the first participation of our club, and this event will mark us again from the next editions!

An event for VTC, MTB or racing bikes?

Now extended to more than 70 kilometers, the Five Boro Bike Tour is above all an event based on cultural and material diversity. Naturally, all bike models are welcome. Another advantage of this event is that there are no requirements to join one of the many Five Boro Bike Tour groups. Note, however, that for safety reasons, the United States now conducts pre-trip testing. This will seem logical, no substances or items designated as potentially dangerous are tolerated… But it’s still common sense!

NYC and its pro-bike policy

The Five Boro Bike Tour has developed a positive image related to everyday biking and ecology. In addition, New York City’s Citi Bike rental service confirms this interest where more and more employees and residents are favoring biking. For many, the Big Apple is also referred to as THE cycling capital.

Some enthusiasts take advantage of the Citi Bike service to ride into New York City on the Five Boro Bike Tour as a pedestrian and then rent a mid-range bike at a lower cost. In fact, if this is your goal for a future tour, you’ll probably have a hard time finding a rental bike because of the high demand during this unique time. For the more adventurous, you can find the official website of Citi Bike where all the practical and pricing information will be presented.

These memories that have marked our members

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