Falling on a bicycle: the right reflexes

Wednesday 17 Nov 2021

A fall on a bicycle can happen to any cycling enthusiast, regardless of your performance and the nature of your practice. The proverb “prevention is better than cure” takes on its full meaning here. Indeed, the application of relevant recommendations will allow you to preserve your health and safety during your next rides. Want to know more? The rest of this article will present you with a guide to consider without any moderation.

Safety first

Whether you’re a neophyte or a regular on bike rides, it’s important to constantly redefine the true priority of any practice: safety. Indeed, neglecting a turn or even a sign can sometimes lead to serious consequences. Sometimes, a fall on a bicycle will come down to simple injuries, but other scenarios are also identified every year. This article published on 24heures.ch summarizes a sad fact among many others or a French cyclist lost her life in Lausanne after hitting a guardrail.

Faced with such worrying scenarios, it is essential to secure each of your outings beforehand and apply “good reflexes” in case of a fall on your bike. The following recommendations will be able to accompany you, regardless of the context of your outings.

Prepare your bike rides thoroughly

Check the condition of your gear

The general check of your equipment is a step that might seem obvious to you… And yet, many cycling enthusiasts sometimes neglect the condition of an accessory or a key part between 2 rides. Remember that the unexpected malfunction of a brake or your chainring, for example, can disrupt your reflexes… So take a few moments to test and check your bike and accessories before and after each of your rides!

Check the weather

As a cyclist, the weather could become your worst enemy if it gets fickle. Effectively, wet ground is slippery ground… And slippery ground can cause you to fall off your bike. Discomfort or lack of visibility will also be factors to never neglect during your outings. Do not hesitate to follow the valuable information of your favorite weather app to limit these issues.

Entice those around you

You might think “I’m used to it, everything will be fine”. However, no one is immune to a “bad reflex” when cycling. Make sure to warn your household before your next ride by designating, if possible, the route you want to take.

Set up your smartphone

Alone or in a group, never forget your smartphone on your outings. What’s more, we recommend configuring your phone to make it easy to send calls if necessary. Some applications or settings specific to the model of your smartphone will allow you, for example, to automate a call from a single manipulation, why deprive yourself?

Beware of fatigue< /h3>

Fatigue can cause serious consequences following a fall on a bike. If the sport allows one to maintain an optimal form, nobody is safe from a “slump”. If necessary, do not hesitate to postpone an outing to another day, nothing is more precious than health!

Reminder on your bike rides

Beware of lapses in alertness related to habitual rides
The rules of the road apply to everyone, never forget them
Never overtake if visibility is poor
Never underestimate the lack of grip of a wet surface
Keep your cool in the face of possible incivilities
Riding in a group requires certain “good behaviors” (don’t hesitate to consult this article dedicated to group rides)
Take advantage of the advice of other cyclists to improve your technique, but also your behavior on the road

As you can see, cycling is an exciting sport where safety is essential from the very first pedal stroke. Do you have any questions about this article? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible!