Electric bike : benefits and cons

Sunday 05 Jul 2020

Do you want to go for a ride in the Geneva area or are you simply looking for a new environmentally friendly means of transportation? The electric bike is an equipment that attracts more and more Swiss people’s curiosity thanks to its performances that are revised every year. The following article will present each advantage and disadvantage related to these “2.0 bikes”.

Yes, electric bikes can suit everyone

Sometimes misperceived by cycling enthusiasts, electric bikes are nevertheless an ideal alternative for many user profiles. Certainly, it would be difficult to evoke a sporting practice, since assistance allows limited efforts. In other words, if you are looking for performance, you will immediately think “no, this is not for me”… And yet.

Riding an electric bike is obviously a great comfort when it is necessary. The objective of this equipment? To limit your muscular and energetic expenditure in order to save you money or to respond to certain health problems. In other words, the user profiles will be much more varied than they seem. However, another question is regularly raised by the most curious: what are the advantages and disadvantages of an electric bike in Geneva or another Swiss city?

The advantages offered by an electric bike

Ecology is on the agenda

Unsurprisingly, riding an electric bike is an ecological solution compared to other motorized means. Each user can therefore participate in the reduction of pollutants while enjoying a non-negligible comfort.

An ideal transition for cycling

Cycling attracts many new riders every year. However, some Swiss people do not dare to take the plunge, considering this sport to be “too intense”. Here, the electric bike will be a perfect alternative to adopt new habits and drastically limit car trips before discovering later the reality of cycling: an ecological activity, exciting and ideal to discover the beauty of our landscapes.

The practical side in Geneva

Who has never experienced long moments in traffic jams following an accident or even an unexplained traffic jam? Riding an electric bike (just like a “classic” bike) means saying goodbye to traffic-related problems.

Beware: the bike is a means of transportation that does not escape the traffic regulations; use exclusively reserved lanes and respect the signage will therefore be de rigueur!

It’s good for your health

Yes, an electric bike benefits from assistance, and this naturally differentiates it from other classic models. Nevertheless, unlike electric scooters, for example, these bikes will still require some muscular effort (limited, we concede, but unquestionable).

The drawbacks

The price

Unsurprisingly, the purchase of an electric bike will impose a sometimes substantial budget. Why these prices? Of course, the integrated battery or the presence of exclusive/innovative accessories will argue such prices.

Also note that the use of an electric bike requires the wearing of a helmet (unlike conventional models where it is only recommended).

The weight

The weight is, without question, one of the most cited disadvantages by users. Indeed, the presence of a battery and the specific design of this type of bikes will lead to a non-negligible weight. Of course, this will not be a problem during trips… But it could become so during certain manipulations.


Every bike requires periodic maintenance to avoid deterioration of key parts. However, an electric bike will inevitably refer to the replacement of parts associated with an electrical system. Additional costs will be incurred as a result.

… And battery recharging

How can you mention the presence of a battery without mentioning its recharging? If an electric bike can be used without assistance, its weight will require substantial efforts during certain situations (especially when climbing).

Want to know more?

Internet is a good place… But asking your questions directly to a specialist to understand the advantages of a bike model compared to others is better! That’s why we can only recommend you to visit the XXX store in Geneva to learn more about this subject. We are also at your disposal for any questions or requests you may have.