Cyclo&Loisirs goes around Switzerland

Wednesday 04 Nov 2009

Among the events organized by the club, our 12-day tour of Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the most memorable for each participant… And for good reason: Switzerland offers unique landscapes to discover or rediscover without any moderation. Here is a report of the 2010 edition co-organized with the association Vélo Québec.

Switzerland and its unique panoramas

Vineyards, mountains, lakes, urban landscapes… Switzerland brings together various panoramas as sublime as they are unforgettable. That’s why Cyclo&Loisirs organizes during certain seasons a tour of Switzerland inviting cyclists of other nationalities.

Measuring our words, these events are always a great success with each participant, whether they are foreign or Swiss. For the 2010 edition, this event was shared with Vélo Québec. Naturally, the club organized the circuit itself.

During a little less than 2 weeks (from September 4 to 16, 2010), we accumulated memories and smiles shared without skimping on the pedal strokes.

12 unforgettable days from a warm atmosphere

Day 1: Geneva to Lausanne

Naturally, the arrival of our Quebec friends from Geneva airport and the location of our club designated our city as the starting point of our tour of Switzerland.

This first day was thus placed under the sign of the presentations and rest deserved for our Canadian friends before starting the program of this event. First destination: Lausanne… And the first panoramas were already there!

Day 2: from Lausanne to Les Rasses (Sainte-Croix)

After a quick stay in Lausanne, here we are heading to Les Rasses (Sainte-Croix). Of course, this town is particularly appreciated by ski and snowboard enthusiasts, but the beauty of these landscapes in the middle of September subjugated our Canadian friends, but also the Swiss participants. Once again, the magic of our country operates without ever tiring us.

Day 3: from Sainte-Croix to Neuchâtel

The 3rd day was synonymous with fatigue for some participants, but our offers were greatly rewarded thanks to the beauty of the landscapes from Sainte-Croix to Neuchâtel. As always, Switzerland seduces our Canadian friends, we could only propose a lighter program for the next day.

Day 4: rest in Neuchâtel

How to talk about Neuchâtel without mentioning its magnificent landscapes and the magnificence of its lake? The time had come to put down our bikes, and then to enjoy moments placed under the sign of sharing. Luckily, the weather was also there… What more could we ask for?

Day 5: from Neuchâtel to Solothurn

Here we are, heading to Solothurn, another city very popular with tourists. After a rest phase, the resumption of efforts was welcome. Solothurn, the city of ambassadors, here we come!

Day 6: Solothurn to Lucerne

This time we follow the direction of Lucerne and its breathtaking medieval architecture. The history buffs thus discovered some sublime places by bike (including the famous Kapellbrücke bridge built in 1333). The magic was there!

Day 7 and 8: heading to Meiringen

From now on, our goal was to reach Meiringen in 2 days through complex and enjoyable gradients for every cycling enthusiast. In total, we had to cover 50 km while enjoying the mountain panoramas. To tell the truth, fatigue was also catching up with each participant more and more.

Day 9 and 10: from Meiringen to Sion

The days pass, and the passion for cycling gives us wings. Despite the weather being a bit capricious, we continue our program to Sion. After the effort, the comfort: here we are gathered on the 10th day around a Swiss raclette worthy of our beautiful country. Let’s eat!

Days 11 and 12: from Sion to Montreux, then back to Geneva

Finally, the last 2 days of our tour of Switzerland allowed us to complete our program by passing through Montreux, then Geneva. We finish this event with stars in our eyes and only one wish: to renew this tour during a next edition!