Quelle tenue de cycliste devez-vous privilégier ?

Thursday 21 Jan 2021

If you’re new to the wonderful world of cycling, you may have a lot of questions about your cycling gear. What are the ideal clothes for cycling? What factors should you consider when strategically dressing for your next ride? This guide will give you all the answers you need.

Habitual attire or cycling attire?

Should you necessarily outfit yourself with clothing designed for cycling? The answer to this question will obviously depend on your practice. Indeed, if you only want to ride alone or with your companion from time to time, for example, the purchase of a cycling outfit will be dispensable. On the other hand, if you are looking for performance, your clothing will be more crucial than you might imagine.

An outfit for every discipline

It will not surprise any web surfer, the outfit of a mountain biker can differ drastically from that of a runner or cyclist. Once again, determining the usual context of your outings and their frequency is a crucial step to equip yourself appropriately. The main activities of our Cyclo&Loisirs club will therefore direct the content of this article in favor of equipment for cyclotourists.

The choice of your cycling outfit: instructions for use

First and foremost, it is essential to remember that a pair of cycling shorts matched with a cycling jersey will be your best allies for most situations. Shaving the legs for men is still a must for easy care in case of a fall. Now let’s move on to some non-negligible details.

The material of your outfit

The material of your outfit will have to correspond to your practice, but also the current outdoor conditions. Here’s a quick reminder of the 3 main materials:


Synthetic clothing evokes a non-negligible advantage: quick drying. Indeed, their fibers are hydrophobic and promote ventilation (ideal against natural sweating related to efforts).

Merino wool

With its antibacterial properties, this material absorbs moisture and thus reduces discomfort during sweating (usable in summer or winter).

The so-called “hybrid” clothing.

Here, the principle is simple: combine the advantages of merino wool and synthetic. Thermoregulating and performing in breathability, this material is often cited as THE solution to cope with every condition on the bike.

Prefer a tight fit

The use of stretchy clothing will be ideal to fit the shape of your body and thus guarantee a certain aerodynamics. In practice, efforts can be effectively saved, especially when the wind is not in your favor. Moreover, the choice of a tight fit is ideal to minimize the impact of sweating (effective breathability) while providing perfect thermal insulation. In short, the slim fit will be a relevant choice for your outings, regardless of your current level.

Get a helmet and a pair of goggles

We can’t repeat it enough, wearing a helmet is essential to preserve your safety, regardless of your cycling performance. During our outings or during your rides, never neglect this accessory that saves many lives every year. In addition, a pair of glasses will allow you to limit the effects of glare and directly strengthen your safety.

Choose your cycling attire based on the weather

Of course, the weather is still a major factor in determining your next cycling outfit. Certainly, after a few efforts in the winter period, the natural warming of your body may be enough. On the other hand, an unsuitable or “too heavy” outfit could become your enemy if the weather becomes mild in the middle of the ride, for example.

In short, the weather is a factor that cannot be neglected. At the same time, your health and chilliness could lead you to review your outfit for optimal comfort, so don’t deprive yourself!
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