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The discovery of great cycling trails adapted to all levels

When we talk about difficulty in cycling, we often talk about distance and climbing. The activities organized by the club wary in length and  are therefore well suited for beginners or well trained cyclists. You will discover new places where you have probably never been. Before Geneva’s countryside and neighboring France are full of beautiful regions waiting to be discovered. The brevets are in high demand. Because of  flexible departure and arrival times they allow you to follow a trail marked out by our kind volunteers and to take advantage of refreshments on the way.

To become a member of the Club Cyclo et Loisirs, all you have to do is to sign up and to pay the annual membership fee. Membership in the Club, goes along with the ideas and values ​​we all share together. membershipfees represent approximately 1 / 5th of our annual budget and allow in particular to finance the basic infrastructure of the Club. Committee members and volunteers receive no remuneration.


To pay the membership fees, please make a bank transfer to:

IBAN CH32 0900 0000 1716 6250 7, CCP 17-166250-7

or pay cash at the start of one of our brevets


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Club bike rides are very nice, I love to ride every week with my friends

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