20 minutes of cycling a day

Thursday 11 Apr 2019

Since then, the regular practice of a sports activity is highly recommended for many reasons… And doing 20 minutes of cycling a day is also recommended to take care of your body and mind. Are you still skeptical? The rest of this article might surprise you!

20 minutes of cycling a day, yes… But without contraindications

Doing sports means secreting endorphins after each effort. It is then easy to become a cycling enthusiast after a first ride. If the rest of this article will summarize the various benefits associated with cycling, it is essential to remember that every contraindication must be perfectly considered. Health is the most precious thing, preserving it is essential!

If you have any doubts about an unusual pain or discomfort, do not hesitate to consult your doctor and stop your sports activities as much as possible.

Everyday cycling and its many benefits

Airing while enjoying beautiful landscapes

How can you not fall in love with nature after a few bike rides? What’s more, Switzerland is particularly generous with its magnificent panoramas. Thus, a 20-minute bike ride is an excellent solution to cut short the stress of everyday life. As a result, the risk of depression becomes negligible.

Getting some fresh air also has real benefits for your body, especially your brain. Indeed, a cyclist will benefit from a better oxygenation of this organ. Also, if the weather is good, cycling in the morning or afternoon is ideal to take advantage of the sun’s rays and fill up on vitamin D.

Finally, note that regular cycling will be synonymous with synchronization of the circadian rhythm (in other words, your internal clock), your sleep and vitality will therefore be increased tenfold respectively at night, and during the day.

Sculpt your body

It will not surprise any Internet user, doing 20 minutes of cycling per day is enough to build muscle and burn calories. Moreover, if your outings exceed this duration, you can also burn fat. Indeed, cycling is recognized as one of the most effective sports for losing weight safely.

If you want to lose a few pounds, we can only recommend that you establish a rigorous and respectful program for your body.

Biking is about cardio

Cycling is also an ideal exercise to build up your heart: cardio. Briefly, this practice allows you to maintain your cardiovascular system and your respiratory capacities. For your information, 9,844 men and 5,203 women were victims of heart attacks in Switzerland during the year 2018.
Statistics like these reinforce the relevance of 20 minutes of cycling a day (or other sports activity, of course).

Your immune system will thank you

As we cited earlier in this article, cycling 20 minutes a day is ideal for “resetting the clock” and optimizing your circadian rhythm. Your immune system will benefit fully from this virtue because, yes, your body’s ability to defend itself is also linked to your biological clock.

And that’s not all: the body is like a machine. Without exercise, your joints and muscles could “rust” and develop health problems directly or not. Knees, ankles, wrists… Cycling solicits every part of your body, an ideal physical maintenance on a daily basis!

An exciting and economical sport

Finally, cycling naturally evokes more or less important expenses when buying your equipment. However, unlike other disciplines, no additional expenses will be necessary to fully enjoy solo rides. In short, cycling for 20 minutes a day is an economical, ecological and exciting way to relieve the pressure after a long day at work or during a well-deserved weekend.

Still skeptical? If you don’t have your own equipment, you can rent your bike to rediscover the most beautiful landscapes around Geneva without any moderation!

And what about inhaling pollutants?

Cycling inevitably generates some effort, and therefore deeper and faster breathing. In Geneva or elsewhere, pollution could thus ask you: what about inhalation of pollutants?

Contrary to some preconceived ideas, a cyclist will be less exposed to these pollutants, and more particularly if he avoids the main roads. What’s more, by choosing cycling as your daily means of transportation, you will be directly contributing to the quality of the air in your city!